"Where we bring affordable housing and comfortable living together under one roof!"

About Us

Dantzler Property Investment Group is an Alabama-based limited liability company that buys, sells and manages real estate. We strive to bring affordable housing and comfortable living together under one roof. We approach your housing needs in a spirit of excellence with a quality customer service perspective.

D.P.I.G. works with well-established realtor Carla Meadows of Keller Williams Realty. Mrs. Meadows can be reached at 334-462-4505 or via e-mail at carlameadows@kw.com.

Welcome Home!

The Dantzler Property Investment Group Promise

Dantzler Property Investment Group takes pride in investing in our properties and tenants. At move in, your home is of a quality and comfortable living standard our owners would approve of. In fact, D.P.I.G. owners would live in their rental properties. That speaks to the taste of luxury and upgrades you will see throughout your home as well as how well maintained and manicured your home and premises are upon move-in. This is the DPIG Promise and Standard!
You may have rented apartments for years and this is your first time living in a house. That may present benefits as well as some challenges. D.P.I.G. will share some insight on the expectations we have for our tenants. We want to reassure you of our commitment to you. Below, please read more on how you can get the best out of your lease and new home.

You’ve Moved In, Now What?

Insight into Maintaining Your Home

We hope you are settling in your new Dantzler Property Investment Group home well. As a renter, we still want you to treat this house as your home and also make this house a home for you and your family. You are welcome to hire professional painters to paint rooms and mount TV’s, but remember you must make a request in writing (via e-mail) to make any changes to your new home. So get cozy and welcome to the Dantzler Property Investment Group family!

What To Expect from Dantzler Property Investment Group:

Superior Customer Service & Quality Property Management

Professionalism is a way of life for Dantzler Property Investment Group. We will always deliver prompt and quality customer service to you and your family! We won’t cut corners and we will treat you with respect. We expect that same reciprocation. See below for more information on what we expect from our tenants.


Upon move-in, a D.P.I.G. staff member inspected and took pictures of every room and closet within the property. D.P.I.G. will conduct scheduled quarterly inspections. Unscheduled, pop-up inspections will take place 3 times a year. You do not have to be present for inspections as pictures and/or video will be made available to you along with a comprehensive, written inspection report. Because we take pride in our investments, we want to make sure they are being well-maintained.

Pay Your Rent Via PayPal

We are pleased to offer convenient and secure payment through PayPal. You may send to dantzlerpropertygroup@yahoo.com via Goods & Services and add the fee to your regular rental payment amount. Money Orders and Certified Checks are the only other forms of payment. Payment receipts are e-mailed unless you request in writing to have receipts mailed.

What We Expect from You:

Prompt Communication & Responsible Living

We want our tenants to be aware of their surroundings and the conditions of their home. It’s important to be responsible with your daily living and lifestyle because it reflects and impacts the condition of your home. Please be prompt with communicating with Dantzler Property Investment Group Property Management Staff and Owners regarding anything pertaining to the home, no matter how big or small.

Please report the following:

  • Maintanence Requests (that are not caused by the tenant).
  • Dangerous Conditions (fire, safety hazard, exposed wiring, outlets or electrical issues.
  • Storm Damage (Be sure to access the interior and exterior of the property for an storm damage and report immediately. This includes any downed trees).


18.24 Acres of Land For Sale!

List Price: $175,000

0 Mitchell Young Rd and 6337 Red Cedar Dr, Montgomery, AL 36108

This listing is two adjacent properties located at 0 Mitchell Young Rd and 6337 Red Cedar Dr. Build your dream home or turn this land into monthly revenue while raising livestock. Buy this spacious, well-manicured 18.24 acres of unrestricted land. Perspective buyer(s) will have access to recent survey conducted in June 2021. Both parcels can be sold separately.

Andy Dantzler, President
Dantzler Investment Property Group
P.O. Box 231026, Montgomery, AL 36123

37 acres of unrestricted land

List Price: $150,000

0 Cantelou Road, Montgomery, AL 36108

Build your dream home and your business and still have acres of privacy on this approximately 37 acres of unrestricted land at 0 Cantelou Road. Perspective Buyer(s) will have access to a recent survey conducted in August 2021. The property is full of hardwoods and pines and located near a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department property and a small business.

Andy Dantzler, President
Dantzler Investment Property Group
P.O. Box 231026, Montgomery, AL 36123

Prompt Communication & Responsible Living

E-mail communication is our first and primary method of communication with all tenants, unless it’s an emergency. Be sure to check your e-mail frequently. When you need to contact us, use the phone number and e-mail address below:
205-725-4095 (24/7 Business Cell) info@dantzlerpropertygroup.com

Essential Tips for Renters

Below are a few tips to help you get the most out of your home and to help your appliances stay efficient and continue to work properly:

Be Responsible! Be Respectful! Be Aware!

  • If you have carpet in your home, it was brand new upon move-in. Pay to get the carpet professionally cleaned every 3 months to avoid permanent stains and the cost of new carpet being deducted from your security deposit upon move-out.
  • Replace air filters every 30 days. If you are unsure how to replace it, after a demonstration during move-in, please e-mail info@dantzlerpropertygroup.com
  • Immediately report issues or concerns. Even if you think it’s minor, e-mail us.
  • Clean and keep appliances free of dirt or debris.
  • Use the self-clean option on the stove.
  • If you have a dishwasher, leave the dishwasher door open after each use so the door panel and other parts can dry.
  • Clean out and wipe down your refrigerator and freezer at least once a month.
  • Clean the inside and outside of your microwave frequently. Food particules stick to the inside of the microwave, especially when you don’t cover your food.
  • Never leave objects on or near or allow people to touch or get close to the hot water heater, appliances, electrical outlets or any potentially dangerous condition.

Low Cost Renter’s Insurance

While obtaining renter’s insurance is not a requirement, we strongly suggest you get a policy. If something happens to the house, the house is covered, but none of your possessions will be. Contact ALFA Agent Judson Vaughn at jvaughan@alfains.com or call 334-288-0375.

Final Thoughts...

Now that you have a better understanding of the Dantzler Property Investment Group Standard, we hope to serve you and your family for years to come. Remember, D.P.I.G. is a property group which means we buy, sell and manage property.  Are you interested in becoming a homeowner? Do you have a family member that’s considering putting their house on the market? Email us to start the process. Want to be added to our email alert? Email info@dantzlerpropertygroup.com. Keep in mind, existing tenants will be the first to know about vacancies that may occur with rental properties.